Our motto:
Can not does not exist!
Quality in insulation and scaffolding
Our motto:
Can't exist doesn't exist
Quality in insulation and scaffolding
Our motto:
Can not does not exist!
Quality in insulation and scaffolding
Our motto:
Can not does not exist!
Quality in insulation and scaffolding
Franssen Group

For all your insulation work and scaffolding

Franssen Groep Insulation & Scaffolding has been the company for all your insulation work since 1971. Based in Boven Leeuwen with more than 80 employees, we are active worldwide in insulating ships, factories, engines and filter systems. With the right insulation, as little energy as possible is lost and your rooms and employees are protected against issues such as noise pollution and fire. Our clients operate in various sectors and all opt for quality. In all perspectives.

Can't exist doesn't exist

Franssen Groep is experienced in all insulation services. From ship insulation and making fire safe to insulating pipes and ducts in utility and industry. We also specialize in making insulation mattresses and sound enclosures. Do you want to outsource multiple services to one party? Many clients make use of our turn-key total package in the field of dismantling, scaffolding and conservation. Even if your question or situation is not standard, we always provide a suitable solution.

Total solutions for complete projects

Thanks to the broad know-how and extensive experience of our employees and reliable partners, you can confidently outsource your (renovation) projects to us. Whether it concerns advice and project supervision, dismantling or scaffolding or the tracing of pipes and the application of insulation. With our turn-key solutions we take care of your entire project and with that all your worries.

In Memoriam Rene Franssen

Our former director and also founder of Isolatiebedrijf Franssen has passed away on July 22, 2022 in the age of 78 …

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Scaffolding allows you to work safely and effectively at any desired height


Insulation of yachts, passenger boats, tankers and seagoing vessels


From chimneys to brick ovens and from cold store to factory hall

fire resistance

For the fire safety of pipes, ducts, cables and machines

Cold insulation

Minimal condensation and icing. Maximum energy conservation and efficiency

Sound insulation

Sound enclosures and other forms of acoustic insulation


Take a look at our portfolio of completed projects

Franssen Group

Take a look at our portfolio of completed projects

Optimal Insulation
Franssen Groep provides the insulation of all rooms between -50°C and +1000°C. Examples include offices, factories, cold stores and hospitals. We use the best materials to make ceilings and walls soundproof and fire-resistant. We ensure that air conditioning systems, central heating systems and engine rooms are insulated as well as possible, so that energy is conserved and your employees can work safely and pleasantly.
  • Ship & yacht insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire resistant applications
  • Insulation mattresses
  • Cold insulation
  • Insulating coatings
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Utility insulation

Scaffolding is an indispensable tool for carrying out work at height. Franssen Groep supplies and assembles reliable and safe scaffolding in both construction and industry, with which you and your employees can work comfortably and safely at any desired height and also in apparently inaccessible places.

We are always looking for the best and most efficient solution for your construction project or situation. Depending on the work to be performed on it, we place a suitable and safe workplace at height. We deliver the quality that is required of you: good and safe scaffolding that pays for itself in time savings.

Pipe insulation

Isolin specializes in all forms of pipe insulation. With Helmond as its operating base, Isolin has been insulating pipes in residential and non-residential construction for more than 27 years. The (food) industry and agriculture and horticulture.

  • central heating (central heating)
  • chilled water systems (CHW)
  • hot and cold water pipes
  • steam pipes
  • rainwater drainage (HWA)
  • sewerage
  • barrels and tanks
  • technical installations
  • air ducts
Ship & yacht insulation
Maritime isolation at any location
Whether it concerns sound insulation, heat insulation or the fire-resistant insulation of ships and yachts. Insulating exhausts and pipes on the deck or supplying insulation materials to shipyards thousands of kilometers away. Franssen Groep is your specialist in ship insulation. Both on and offshore. Both close by and on the other side of the world.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation of rooms and accommodations on board ships ensures that no heat is lost.

Sound Enclosures

We insulate motors, generators, fans and engine rooms, among other things, so that these machines produce as little noise nuisance as possible.

Fireproof Insulation

Fire insulation of pipes and penetrations is often required by law. With the right fire prevention you keep fire at a distance.

Isolating exhaust gases

With an insulation mattress or insulation with a finish of aluminum or stainless steel sheets, exhaust gases do not cause any nuisance or danger.

Insulate on site or order insulation material?

You will find us nationally and internationally and in both maritime and industrial sectors. Sometimes we prepare everything in the Netherlands and send the insulation materials as a package, so that our client can install the insulation on site. Other times we take care of the entire process, from advice to finishing, anywhere in the world.


At Franssen Groep Insulation & Scaffolding, we stand for quality. To ensure that our advice, products and projects are and remain of a high level, we continuously invest in knowledge and experience within the organization. Our expertise is also apparent from our certificates and safe working methods.

  • Franssen Group is VCA certified.
  • We are affiliated with the OOI , the Training & Development Fund for the Insulation Industry.
  • We work according to the CINI manual , the manual of the Dutch Industry Insulation Committee.
  • Franssen Groep complies with the statutory occupational health and safety requirements.
  • Fransen group Insulation & Scaffolding works according to the Guideline Scaffolding manual.
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