Franssen Group illuminates Maas and Waal

The towering three-dimensional Christmas tree built from scaffolding pipes illuminates a large part of West Maas and Waal. The rays of light reach far into the dark sky. It is a true light spectacle that would not look out of place at a festival with the 750 kg. to lamps hanging in it.

The large Christmas tree was also placed right in front of the Franssen Groep building last year, but it was not lit so spectacularly at the time. The lighting and music have been added this year as the builders of the Christmas tree were challenged to do it “bigger” this year. “You know how that goes, one thing leads to another and then suddenly there is some kind of attraction,” says Bennie Philipse, initiator of this Christmas tree and co-owner of EDS-steigerbouw (part of Franssen Groep).
The light show is repeated every half hour from 5 pm and the last show is at 8 pm. In the morning at 7 o’clock there is also a show. The show lasts 15 minutes. In between, the Christmas tree is lit bright green. The tree can be seen from the Van Heemstraweg, near the roundabout with the Veesteeg, exactly on the separation of Beneden Leeuwen and Boven Leeuwen.
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