Franssen expands with scaffolding construction

Franssen expands with scaffolding construction

We are pleased to inform you that Isolatiebedrijf Franssen has expanded its business activities with scaffolding construction. From now on you can contact us for insulation, scaffolding or a combination of both. Our new scaffolding company, EDS scaffolding, is part of the Franssen group together with Isolatiebedrijf Franssen.

EDS scaffolding construction

EDS scaffolding wants to focus in particular on industrial scaffolding and shipping. Because in these sectors too, scaffolding is increasingly used at (small) heights to guarantee the safety of yourself and your staff. You can contact EDS scaffolding for assembly, disassembly, sale, rental and inspection of all types of scaffolding systems. EDS scaffolding distinguishes itself in the field of safety. For example, the employees all have the required papers and EDS scaffolding is authorized as a scaffolding inspector.

What will change for you?

You will receive even more service, because from now on we can offer a total solution for insulation and scaffolding with the Franssen group. This means that you have one point of contact for all services. Thinking along with you as a customer, taking that extra step, fast switching, reliable service. In short, you can also expect everything you are used to from the Franssengroep and EDS scaffolding .

Renowned clients

EDS scaffolding is currently working on various large assignments from renowned clients. For example, we are allowed to assemble and disassemble 75,000 m2 of scaffolding for construction group VolkerWessels. Willems Constructie has commissioned the construction of a superyacht from Heesen Yachts in Oss with scaffolding. And for shipbuilding company De Gerlien van Tiem we have already completed an assignment to our complete satisfaction to build a complete platform for ship repair works in the hold of a tanker.


You may still have questions about this writing. Reassure them. You can also visit for more information about EDS scaffolding .