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From advice, project management, asbestos removal, disassembly and demolition
to scaffolding, conservation, tracing and insulation.


Franssen Group is your all-in-one partner in the field of ship and yacht insulation. Both onshore and offshore, anywhere in the world, we insulate boats and ships of all sizes.

Cold insulation

With the right insulating materials in the right thickness, you keep the cold inside cold stores and cold storage warehouses and prevent condensation and ice formation on the outside of pipes and ducts.

Thermal insulation

With heat insulation of product pipes, air pipes and water pipes, as little energy is lost as possible. You act for the environment while lowering your energy bill and still enjoying a comfortable living environment.

Insulating coatings

Our insulating coatings are used in shipbuilding, industrial applications and residential construction. The coating prevents corrosion, sound vibrations, energy loss and protects people and materials.

Insulation mattresses

With insulation mattresses for machines and components, you achieve personal protection and substantial energy savings. Our self-produced mattresses are even used extensively by fellow insulation companies.

Sound enclosures

All our types of acoustic insulation are intended to limit and prevent the noise nuisance and noise pollution of machines, motors, fans and generators.

Utility insulation

Employees, residents and visitors to offices and healthcare institutions can use the building in a pleasant, safe and energy-efficient manner thanks to the right form of utility insulation.

Industrial insulation

Franssen Group outfits industrial spaces such as production halls, cold stores, power stations, brick ovens and chimneys with appropriate insulation. This way, as much energy as possible is retained.

Scaffolding construction

We arrange, sell and rent scaffolding and supports for all types of construction projects. From large to small and from erection to completion. So that you and your employees can work at height with confidence.

Inspection, engineering & thermography

After our thorough check of your pipes or insulation materials, you will know exactly where you stand regarding insulation and efficiency. In our inspection report you will find the best solution for your situation.

Heat tracing

With a quality heat tracing system, you can regulate the temperature of your products. You protect your pipes and installations and ensure that liquids do not solidify or freeze, but stay exactly at the right temperature.

Fire-resistant applications

Do you need help to comply with the laws and regulations in the field of fire protection and fire safety? Franssen Group has everything required for the fire-resistant insulation of gutters, pipes, ducts and channels.

Franssen Group

Franssen Group Insulation & Scaffolding works in shipbuilding, the industry and utilities. For almost half a century, we have done this from Druten and we work throughout the Netherlands, Europe and even beyond. Projects are prepared by our sheet metal workers and mattress makers at our workshop. The insulators and sheet metal fitters then process the material on site. Meanwhile, the project management monitors the progress and finally the administration department processes the entire set of activities. Together, we strive for quality in every respect..

Franssen Group

Quality in insulation and scaffoldings

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Impossible doesn’t exist!

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