Cold insulation

Maximum efficiency with cold insulation

Condensation and ice formation occurs when the temperature in the pipes is lower than the ambient temperature. To prevent this, cold insulation is applied. We calculate the required thickness of the insulation layer for you, so that the temperature of the outer surface never falls below the dew point. In addition to preventing condensation, good cold insulation saves a lot of energy. The right insulation thickness has an important influence on how quickly the investment made will pay itself back and generate a return.

Franssen Group has experienced technicians for insulating:

  • Pipes
  • Channels
  • Barrels and tanks
  • Appendages
  • Cooling cells

Insulation + panel construction = complete product

Franssen Group Insulation & Scaffolding is not only your partner in cold insulation, we also provide the assembly of insulation panels for the construction of cold stores and cold-storage warehouses. We work together with recognized panel suppliers, which enables us to deliver a full product in the field of anti-condensation insulation and cold insulation.

Franssen Group

Quality in insulation and scaffoldings

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