Fire-resistant applications

Fire-resistant insulation

The Franssen Group specialists know how to insulate cable ducts, pipes, electrical bushings, channels and steel constructions to make them fire resistant. We start at the beginning and advise you on the possible ways of fire-resistant insulation. We apply the fire-resistant insulation material and ensure that everything is fully recorded into legally required documentation. Finally, we provide you with the required periodic checks and annual inspections.

The fire prevention we offer consists of:

  • Advice
  • Execution and assembly
  • Documentation and records
  • Annual check and periodic inspection

Fire safety and legislation

Legislation and regulations are becoming increasingly stricter in the field of fire safety and fire protection. With our fire-preventive insulation, you can achieve fire-resistant conduits, air ducts, pipes and gutters. This way you meet all the requirements. Of course, the insulating materials we use are tested and approved in accordance with the applicable standards.

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