Inspection, Engineering & Thermography
Inspection, Engineering & Thermography

Inspection & Engineering

Have your machines or pipes inspected?

Have the condition of your installation or insulation material assessed? The professionals of Franssen Groep are ready to provide you with sound advice. We predict failures and repairs, make yield calculations and conduct insulation inspections. After our insulation check, you will receive a report from us containing the correct, most favorable and best solution for your situation.

Reasons to have your insulation inspected or checked:

  • Your pipes or machines are old and may no longer be in the best condition.
  • You have the idea that pipes, ducts or installations are getting too hot.
  • You want to know if and when the insulation material in your building needs to be replaced.
  • You want a prediction of future failures and repairs.
  • You want clarity about possible savings on your energy consumption and the return to be achieved.
  • However, you can use sound advice before building or rebuilding.


Thermography is an efficient way to measure the temperature of your installations. These infrared measurements are widely used for the inspection of insulation, also by the Franssen Group. We provide answers to questions such as ‘what is the temperature of my insulation?’ and ‘what do my installation and pipes look like?’ Franssen Groep Insulation & Scaffolding has the knowledge and equipment to predict failures and repairs for all your (process) components. We also visualize and calculate your energy losses and possible return. That way you know exactly where you stand.