Insulation coatings

Coatings as insulation

No matter how short coatings have been around for in the world of insulating agents, Franssen Group has long been convinced of their usefulness and the application of insulating coatings is now one of our specialities. Our insulating coatings are already being used in shipbuilding, industrial applications and housing construction. An insulating coating has different properties, making it suitable for multiple purposes.

Our insulating coatings are used for:

  • Preventing corrosion under insulation.
  • Preventing sound vibrations. This coating is also known as an anti-vibration coating.
  • Preventing condensation.
  • Energy conservation through heat insulation.
  • Personal protection.

Insulation is a speciality
The application of an insulating coating takes little time in most cases. Insulating coatings are also often less expensive than other forms of insulation. If the insulation coating is applied well, the layer protects the surface for years against things like corrosion and condensation and the environment against noise, among other things. Franssen Group has the right people to apply the insulating coatings.

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