Insulation mattresses
Insulation mattresses
Insulation mattresses

Insulation mattresses

Mattresses of proven quality

Insulation mattresses prevent burns caused by contact with machines and by insulating parts you realize considerable energy savings. Franssen Groep’s flexible and mouldable insulation mattresses are produced in our own mattress factory with a production area of more than 1000 m2. The mattresses are used in shipping, utility and various industries. Even fellow insulation companies work with Franssen Groep insulation mattresses. If that says nothing about the quality of our mattresses.

Inquire about the possibilities for applications in:

  • The petrochemical industry.
  • The chemical industry.
  • Power plants.
  • Shipping.
  • The offshore industry.
  • Utility construction.
  • Combined heat and power plants in horticulture.

Have an insulation mattress installed or install it yourself

We take care of the complete process for you from measuring, producing and mounting insulation mattresses on location. The advantages of this are direct communication lines, short production times and efficient execution. We can also tailor, number and deliver the mattresses for you, so that you can assemble them yourself. Whichever option you choose, the component to be insulated always remains easily accessible, since the insulation mattress is easy to disassemble and replace.