Scaffolding construction

Scaffolding construction and assembly

At Franssen Group Insulation & Scaffolding, we assemble and disassemble any conceivable scaffolding system. Of course, entirely in accordance with your wishes and tailored to the specific situation. Whether you need scaffolding for a construction project or industrial work, we come up with the most efficient solution for you and your employees or subcontractors and deliver a pleasant and safe workplace at height.

For the construction and industrial fields, Franssen Group provides:

  • Advice on scaffolding construction.
  • Design, drawings and calculations.
  • Assembly, disassembly, rental and transport of scaffolding.
  • Turnkey solutions including scaffolding construction.

Renting or buying scaffolding

We are not only your partner for arranging temporary scaffolding. Franssen Group is your address for both sales and rental of scaffolding. We take care of the entire process, from erection to completion and everything in between. Some of our customers need the scaffolding for a short-term project, while others have long-term requirements. Sometimes it might be two scaffoldings for a façade, while the next might involve hundreds of scaffoldings at once. No assignment is too big or too small for us.

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