Ship & yacht insulation

Insulation in due form

Whoever excels in ship insulation shows that they have mastered all aspects of insulation. Franssen Group has been leading in the field of ship insulation for many years. From the thermal, sound and fire insulation of accommodations to the insulation and tracing of deck pipes and the insulation of exhausts; we engineer and achieve. You can find evidence of our craftsmanship everywhere. Both domestically and internationally. Both on boats for inland shipping and on seagoing yachts and ships.

The ship insulation we offer consists of:

  • Thermal insulation of accommodations on board different types of ships
  • Fire-resistant insulation finished with sheet metal or heat-resistant navy fabric. Both possible with aluminium and steel.
  • Sound enclosures for engines and generators. The soundproofing of machine rooms is also a form of sound insulation.
  • Insulating exhaust gases using insulation mattresses and/or finishing with aluminium or stainless steel sheet material.
  • Tracing and insulating deck pipes on board tankers.
  • Insulation materials in the form of a construction kit. These ready-made insulation packages are sent to shipyards around the world and assembled by local workers.

Insulation on site or insulation as an export package?

Franssen Group provides and installs the insulation on site. Would you prefer to have the insulation materials installed by local workers, for instance because your ship is being built in the Middle East? You can also purchase export packages. Thanks to our ready-made insulation packages, provided with clear instructions, you can assemble and carry out the insulation yourself. Whether you opt for insulation on site by the Franssen Group or for an insulation package by mail, the extremely high quality requirements of the shipping industry are always met for all forms of insulation.

Ship & yacht insulation

Whether you need sound insulation, heat insulation or fireproof insulation of ships and yachts, insulating outlets and pipes on the deck or supplying insulation materials to shipyards thousands of miles away, Franssen Group is your specialist partner in ship insulation. Both onshore and offshore. Both nearby and on the other side of the world.

Thermal Insulation

The thermal insulation of rooms and accommodations on board ships ensures that no heat is lost

Sound enclosures

Among other things, we insulate engines, generators, fans and engine rooms, so that these machines produce as little noise as possible.

Fire-resistant insulation

Brandisolatie van leidingen en kanalen is vaak wettelijk verplicht. Met de juiste brandpreventie houdt u brand op afstand.

Insulating exhaust gases

With an insulation mattress or insulation with aluminium or stainless steel finish, exhaust gases do not cause any hindrance nor danger.

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