Sound Enclosures
Sound Enclosures

Sound Enclosures

Customization in acoustic insulation

Franssen Groep’s sound enclosures are suitable for effectively preventing and limiting noise nuisance. We are talking here about noise nuisance caused by fans, (ship) engines, generators and machines. With the right sound-insulating cabinets or anti-drumming insulation materials, often made of heavy insulation boards with a high density, the sound remains inside or outside the room. This way you can work, sail or live without noise in your production hall, office, boat or home. And others are not bothered by the noise of your equipment.

With our sound and anti-drumming insulation you can insulate, among other things:

  • Engines and generators.
  • Machinery and equipment.
  • Fans.
  • Cabinets and partition walls in accordance with HCCP requirements.

Sound insulation and occupational health and safety

In the context of working conditions and environmental legislation, increasingly higher demands are made on noise reduction. Our sound enclosures therefore meet the highest requirements and standards. We work with our own sophisticated basic design that is fully adaptable to your specific situation. This ensures fast assembly and disassembly time. Thanks to the separate components, our sound insulation can easily be used in areas where it is difficult to manoeuvre. Of course, when designing the insulation box, the maintenance frequency of the machine or motor in question is taken into account.