Turnkey solutions

Alleviating all your concerns

Would you like to outsource an entire renovation, refurbishment or new construction project? Franssen Group’s work is not limited to insulation alone. Indeed, many of our services and activities are directly or indirectly related to the various insulation activities we carry out. Scaffolding, demolition, preservation and tracing of pipes and equipment; everything is possible. We carry out our work under our own management as much as possible, where necessary we make use of permanent subcontractors.

The activities that fall under turnkey include:

  • Advice.
  • Project management.
  • Asbestos removal.
  • Disassembly.
  • Scaffolding construction.
  • Preservation.
  • Tracing.
  • Insulation.

Turnkey truly means turnkey

Besides the certainty of a precise execution of your order, you also have the certainty that you do not have to go back and check anything. At Franssen Group Insulation & Scaffolding, turnkey truly mean turnkey. Working with us saves you time, energy and concerns. Because we coordinate and execute the entire renovation process from A to Z, you have the opportunity to deal with your own work or with other matters.

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