Utility insulation
Utility insulation

Utility insulation

People at the center

Franssen Groep provides non-residential insulation in offices, care homes and hospitals. Some examples of utility insulation are sound and fire-resistant insulation of ceilings and walls and the insulation of air conditioning and central heating systems. Thanks to the best insulation materials, employees in office buildings and healthcare institutions work in a pleasant and good climate. Residents, patients and visitors to the building can also use the facilities safely and without noise nuisance. In addition, the available energy is used as efficiently as possible.

Our utility insulation is used to insulate:

  • Ceilings and walls.
  • Air handling ducts.
  • Cold and hot water pipes.
  • Air conditioning installations.
  • central heating systems.
  • Rainwater and wastewater drainage (HWA and VWA).
  • fire penetrations.

Utility means flexibility

Insulating and in buildings where people work and reside requires great care. For example, the logistics at a healthcare institution should always be geared to the healthcare processes, so that they are not hindered or disrupted. Being able to respond flexibly to unexpected situations is one of the qualities that we believe are absolutely necessary to be able to deliver craftsmanship in non-residential insulation.